A brake is a device which slows down and stops the motion of a rotating shaft within a certain time, depending on the entity of the mass to be braked.

We produce the following types of brakes:

  • Multiple disc (or multidisc) – chiefly designed for use in oil baths or low speed dry applications;
  • Single disc – used only dry.
  • Caliper brakes – when the mass to be braked requires large discs; the modular versions have one or more calipers operated simultaneously or separately.

They can be controlled in following ways:

  • Manual
  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Electromagnetic

They can operate in two different ways:

    when the control generates the necessary braking effect.
  • NEGATIVE (with spring pressure):
    when the effect (braking) is achieved without control, which causes the brake to disengage. These are mainly used as emergency or block brakes