MWM caliper brakes enable to solve at best all application problems in case that the shaft to be braked has a large diameter and the available axial distance is restricted.
When it is not possible to apply a disc with a required diameter, it is enough to apply more than one clamp.

This type of brake is also very suitable in case that work involves a constant pull on the material.
Of course, a pressure regulator is required.
The assembly of these brakes does not requires a particular attention thanks to the new self-aligning system with orthogonal sliding which allow an automatic brake-disc alignment.

Caliper brakes can have two operating modalities:

  • POSITIVE: when the control produces the braking effect.
  • NEGATIVE (Spring Applied): the braking effect is obtained when the control is absent. These clamp brakes are mainly used as safety and parking brakes.

MWM caliper brakes offer a variety of models, which are available in different dimensions for every application's demand.








Visual dynamic functioning

Caliper brakes with this unique patented operating system which offers significant advantages.
Some of these are listed in the "Description of Operation" document; in addition, with the movie we show you the real operation.

Technical Demonstration

Functional description